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Baal Music


  About Baalrock  

NEW Dire Straits Sultans of Swing (Baal)

1. Elvis Are You Lonesome Tonight (Baal Master)
2.Elvis Now or Never
3.Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love (Baal Master)
4.Rolling Stones Satisfaction(Baal Master)
5.Springsteen Born to Run( Baal Master)
6. Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl
7.Who Wont Get Fooled Again
8.Funkgus Jelly Beans Xtract



A.Dionne warwick - Heartbreaker
B.Bob Seger - Against the Wind
C.Beatles - I Wanna Hold Your Hand
D.Beatles - She's A Woman
E.Beatles - Back in the USSR
F.Stylistics - You Make Me Feel Brand New

October Cherries - CAN'T STAND THE PLACE
ALSO 6 new OC songs! including Fires of Kalimantan and the lost tapes
of the OC's 69 release of Hey Jude psychedelic.
Download Hey Jude 666
Download Can't Stand the Place #1
Download OC's Papa Was a Rolling Stone #2
Download Jay - Shoot that Train #1
Download Jay Shotam "You're my Everything"
from Manhattan Skyline album
Also Download Jay Shotam Id Rather Be My Old Self
Also from Manhattan Skyline
Bury My Heart in Wounded Knee
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The unique compilations in the playlist
and the extra
high fidelity in the digitized wav files
of the Baal technique are exclusive
privileges of membership.

October Cherries
Music for Real

Rules are subject to change without prior notice..

The Baalrock Loudcloud Music Club offers made
for loud sound digital 16/24/32 bit downloads.
To obtain full membership please register.
We pay royalties so pay the subscription.
4 NEW CD's and SD's (bundled) for $12 each.

can't stand the place. barabajagal. bad trip.
ebony eyes. bite down hard. are you ready.
hey jude(666). imaginary lover. hot child in the city.
heart of glass. natural born woman. hungry ghost.
renegade. can i hold your hand.

Please tell Your Friends.
The digital difference is awesome.
You never have to listen
to mp3 sound on your state
of the art stereo system and big speakers.

LONESTAR contains:
bury my heart in wounded knee. you're my everthing. marjorie.
rather be my old self. shoot that train. felicia.
kalimantan. adventures and other stories. world of night.
i'm falling. if i don't have you anymore. letting go.
if you don't know me by now. another day. mrs jones. darkness.

Buy Sennheiser
i'll wait. far away now. dont tell it to jane.
all things work. dreamseller. this is a love song.
breaking my heart. for whom the bells toll. she's seventeen.
tonite. mamy blue. same old song. long cool woman.

October Cherries
Music for Real

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    Poor quality, bad music files and crappy equipment have stood in the way of you and the artist you love. Our mission is to fix what's been wrong so you can experience your favorite music in ways you haven't before, and connect to the artist in a way you've never imagined.

    Unlike other sound companies whose technical approach lacks emotion, our Beats Audio technology is handcrafted by Dr. Dre himself and some of the world's best producers. We don't engineer the sound to "make it better," we use our unique blend of science and artistry to bring you exactly what the artist intended.

    jimmy & explain why sound matters

    Isaac Hayes (1970's)

    Coltrane (1950's)

    Miles (1930's)
        Email any
    queries to
    Baal 24/32bit

    $50 (incl royalties)
    Atleast 10 new titles per month

        Playlist Collection:
    $2.99 per song
    Each compilation contains max 8 songs

    Initial fee $50
    Each download will be charged to your account
    Initial fee is used for initial and subsequent downloads
    You will be billed for downloads over the subscription fee amount.
    Renew subscription yearly
    Join Baalrock
    Register for your free trial downloads. Become a member. It's easy. Go to the registration page and fill in the information required. Submit the form.

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      Baalrock's 24/32 bit tracks of your favorite Jazz and Rock music. Free trial begins now.

      Once you join, the full selection of the playlists and the playlist compilations, are available to you. New track additions occur monthly. You may post your own requests. Login and download. Login and post. A playlist contains a sequence of songs selected by Baalrock and contains 8 songs. Each compilation/playlist is a unique Baal combination of songs matching and mixing genres.

    Member 24/32bit wav Access
      Each month a selection of new 24/32 bit songs will be remastered and mixed and added to the list. These wav mixes offer the highest bandwidth and best sounds for hi fi stereo listening on the planet. Download them song by song. Members may request songs to be added to the list.

    Check out which pricing works for you.
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    Int Networks Inc (Baalrock Inc)
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    Monday, December 23, 2013