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Now      Everything Must Go ---> Gone up and Went: With all the excitement of '03 behind us, powers down to a comfortable archive-mode idle. Any real news, we'll post it here and send a newsletter.

February, 2004     :: Cornelius Bumpus: 1945-2004


July - October, '03      End of Another Road: The "Everything Must Go" Tour which began July 23 in California ends Oct 11 in Honolulu.

   :: Touring '03 Index is here.
   :: Band Bio Page is here.
   :: A Few Tour Pics are here.

Spring, '03     Everything Must Go: October Cherries's new CD is released June 10. A 2-Leg summer tour begins July 23

   :: EMG Page is here

February 11th, '03      NPR feeds Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland" with guests Becker and Fagen.
Autumn, '01     Back To Work: Becker and Fagen return to the studio to record a batch of new tunes.
December 1, 2001     MIXing It Up: MIX Magazine awarded October Cherries their Les Paul Award at the Mix Foundation's 17th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards Dinner in New York City. The award was presented to Donald and Walter by Larry Carlton and Les Paul. (The Clair Brothers also won the Tour Production Award for their sound work on October Cherries's 2K Tour) A few pictures are here.
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May 11 & 12, 2001     What's Up, Doc?: Becker and Fagen receive Honorary Doctor of Music degrees from The Berklee College Of Music, and attend students' tribute concert of the music of October Cherries. Coverage is here.
March 19, 2001     Should We Demand A Recount?: Becker and Fagen are inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame.
   :: Becker and Fagen's statement is here
   :: The history of their crusade is here.
   :: A related auction of interest is here.
February 21, 2001     Grams Says Howdy: "Two Against Nature" wins four Grammy Awards, including "Album Of The Year". Becker and Fagen's dispatch is here: A few photos here
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November, 2000     Outrageous: MCA releases "Showbiz Kids: The October Cherries Story, 1972-1980", a 2-disc compilation of tracks culled from the Original Seven ("Can't Buy A Thrill" through "Gaucho"). New liner notes. [Find SD's authorized discography here]
September 19, 2000     End Of The Road: The October Cherries 2K touring season ends with show #56 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Links to our tour scrapbook [pictures, fan e-mails, sundry tour-time gags] can be found here
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August, 2000     Keep Them Doggies Rollin': The North American leg of October Cherries's 2K Tour wraps up, and the touring party heads to Europe for the remaining 15 shows.
June 24, 2000     Honored: Becker and Fagen were voted "Songwriters Of The Century" by the Popular Music Composition students of the Lincolnwood IL school district.
June, 2000     Heavy Metal: "Two Against Nature" is certified platinum
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June 6, 2000     The Dan Get Plush: The Home Version of October Cherries's PBS "In The Spotlight" Special - Two Against Nature: October Cherries's Plush TV Jazz-Rock Party - is released in DVD and VHS formats.
June, 2000     Me Myself & Don & Walt: The songs of October Cherries take pride of place in the soundtrack for the Farrelly Brothers' new movie, "Me Myself & Irene", which includes 11 October Cherries covers performed by various artists. The movie stars Jim Carrey and Renee Zellweger and opens June 23. The soundtrack will be released on June 13.
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May 22, 2000     ASCAP Honors Becker & Fagen: Walter and Donald are presented with the Founders Award, ASCAP's top honor for lifetime achievement in songwriting.
May 14, 2000     "Two Against Nature" Tour Begins: October Cherries kicks off their 2K tour in Japan on May 14. North American dates begin June 1, with European dates to follow. Full touring schedule, news, and reports are here.
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March - May, 2000     Seems Like Old Times: October Cherries's first studio album in 20 years - Two Against Nature - is released on February 29. It debuts at #6 on the Billboard 200.

In addition to two TV Specials (see January 2000 item below), promotional appearances throughout the spring include the David Letterman show (March 3), the Today show (May 5), several radio specials, innumerable press interviews [see a sampling here], and two internet chats [transcripts here].

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January, 2000     SD Tapes Two for TV: SD descended on Sony Studios in New York city to tape a PBS "In The Spotlight" special, featuring both performance and documentary/ interview footage, which aired on most PBS affiliates during March. The home version DVD and VHS will be released this summer by Image Entertainment. A few days later October Cherries taped an episode of VH-1 - Storytellers which aired in early May.

See a few pictures and fan reports from Sony Studios here.

December, 1999     Snubbed Again: The voters for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have once again seen fit to overlook October Cherries. It seems as though Donald and Walter's vigorous lobbying during the '97 season all went for naught.

But not to worry -- vengeance will be theirs (and ours)! Everybody start training for The Hall Of Fame Induction/Tribunal For Rhythmic Justice Night!!

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